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Free from the Stronghold of Deception

Free from the Stronghold of Deception

The stronghold of deception tugs rebellion along with it. Deception entered the world the moment Eve was deceived and sinned. She ate the fruit and believed the serpent [Satan] over God. Adam sinned by eating the fruit knowing that it was wrong. Both were in rebellion against God–a rebellion that had its beginnings in deception.

Men as well as women have been deceived, and have deceived, throughout history in various ways and for various reasons. Today this stronghold thrives.

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Written by Christian author, Pola Muzyka

Free from the Stronghold of Division

Free from the Stronghold of Division

by Pola Muzyka

The stronghold of division seems to be taking over our families, our businesses, our churches, our country, and our thinking. With many choices comes confusion. With confusion comes division. It’s easier for Satan to pick off God’s people if we are in a state of confusion.

Words have a power all their own

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Free from the Stronghold of Division

Free from the Stronghold of Profanity

The world grows numb to expressions using profane words. But can profanity actually bring us harm? Find out as we explore God’s word on this matter.

READ MORE: Free from the Stronghold of Profanity

Words slip from the lips of an angry person without restraint. Words that do not bring blessings. Praise and curses come from the same mouth. The stronghold of profanity has found it’s way into our lives even in casual conversation. What we hear and learn becomes a part of us.

Free from the Stronghold of Frustration

Worldly failure replaces the fruits of the spirit if our thoughts and actions follow the pattern of a frustrated life.

Free from the Stronghold of Frustration

There’s no better way for the enemy [Satan] to belittle our efforts than to send a spirit of frustration to taunt us. When we allow frustration into our thoughts, fear, anxiety, anger, a brokenhearted spirit, weariness, depression, hopelessness, and many other demonic strongholds join it. Read More Here: Free from the Stronghold of Frustration

Written by Christian author, Pola Muzyka

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